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Is water leaking from somewhere in the house? What could cause a water leak? This article summarizes the main causes of water leaking in residential homes. Learn about water leaking sources, like shower water leaks and basement water leaking in this article.

Basement Water Leaking

When there is water leaking from a household basement, there could be an issue with the drainage. However, if the pipes are ABS, there might be a pipe leak. While the ABS pipes were installed correctly, it wasn’t glued right.  A small pinhole in the ABS pipe would cause water to leak. A plumber would need to re-glue the ABS pipe to repair the pinhole.

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Toilet  Leak

Is water leaking from the toilet base? One common reason for a toilet water leak is a loose toilet. After years of wear and tear, water can start to leak between the toilet flange and the floor. If the toilet was just installed, it’s possible the toilet was not installed properly. Call Plumber on the Phone at 343-204-2031. With 38+ years of plumbing experience, our qualified plumbers can stop a toilet from leaking water. Does the toilet keep running or toilet leaking?

Copper Pipes Water Leaking

When water leaks or drips from a copper pipe in the basement, a plumber will need to be called. The reason for the water leak is due to years of a damp basement environment. Over the years, copper pipes corrode. A plumber can try to fix the copper pipe, or replace it altogether. Call 343-204-2031 to speak with a local Plumber near you.

Shower Water Leak

What might cause a shower water leak? Water leaking from a shower is most likely because of a clogged drain. The water has no way to pass through a clogged drain, so it starts to leak out. Is this happens, a plumber can unclog the drain and prevent further water damage. Also, homeowners can perform their own maintenance to avoid a shower water leak. Remove the drain cap, and clean out the drain. This will prevent water from leaking.

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Kitchen Sink Leaking

A leaking kitchen sink is not pleasant. What causes a kitchen sink to leak water? It’s possible that the sink basket is rotten. A plumber will need to come to diagnose the issue. There are a few options. Depending on the damage, the sink basket could be replaced. But, if there is a leak underneath, the entire kitchen sink will need to be changed. Call Plumber on the Phone at 343-204-2031 for affordable plumber rates in Ottawa.

Dishwasher Leaking

Is water leaking from the dishwasher? There are many factors to consider.

  • Broken dishwasher pump
  • Drain hose clogged or broken
  • Burst in water pipe
  • Regular wear and tear

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