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ottawa kitchen sink installation

Sink Installations Ottawa

Do you have a leaky kitchen sink in your home? Modern-day sinks enhance the beauty of your kitchen while being more vulnerable to leaks and other issues. Do you need a sink repair in Ottawa? We also specialize in kitchen sink leaking, kitchen sink repairs, and sink installations throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Sink Repairs Ottawa

Plumber On The Phone is your #1 choice for sink repairs and installations in Ottawa. Experience the best plumber customer service by calling 343-204-2031 today.


Bathroom Sink & Basin Installations

Plumber On The Phone has over 37 years of experience in repairing and installing plumbing fixtures across Ottawa. Backed by our vast experience, we deliver impeccable kitchen sink repairs at an incredibly affordable cost & quality.

Regardless of whether your current kitchen sink leaking issue is straightforward or complex, we can quickly fix this issue. An older sink might be the only dent in the beauty of your kitchen, so replacing it with a new one is the right way to go. If you are considering changing your kitchen sink, then let Plumber On The Phone provide professional sink installation services.

Regardless of the type and design of the kitchen sink you want to install, our experts can help you find the right product and install it as well.

barrhaven bathroon renovation sink installation

Kitchen Sink Installations

The kitchen sink is one of the most-used components of your kitchen. Its high use can cause leakage, broken faucets, and other issues. Kitchen sink leaking is a common problem, but it should be taken care of instantly; otherwise, it may cost high water bills.

The kitchen sink leaking and faucet issues might seem very easy-to-fix, and you might be tempted to fix it on your own, but it’s intricate and need professional attention. If your kitchen sink is leaking, its faucet isn’t working, washers are broken, or it has any other issue, Plumber On The Phone has you covered.

kitchen sink faucet installation ottawa

Sink Installations – Ottawa Plumber Water Hook Ups

At Plumber On The Phone, we provide highly professional plumbing installation services. If you’re considering getting your kitchen a new sink, then make sure to install it at the hands of experts.

We have the right tools and hands to install the kitchen sink perfectly, ensuring that your kitchen remains safe from leakage and faucet issues. We install your kitchen sink properly, ensuring its durability.