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Toilet Installations
Toilet Repairs Ottawa

Toilet Repairs Ottawa Clogged Toilet, Repair And Replacement Services In Ottawa


A leaking toilet will make your life unpleasant and waste money on high water bills, especially when left unchecked. A leaking toilet can even damage your walls and flooring along with an unbearable foul smell. The good news is that Plumber On The Phone Ottawa knows a lot about leaking toilets. Contact us today to handle your toilet repairs in Ottawa. Have peace of mind that we can take care of your leaking toilets repair, running toilets, overflowing toilets, toilet replacements, leaking toilet bases, and any other plumbing issues you might have. For toilet repairs Ottawa, call Plumber on the Phone. Find answers to your questions like, “how much does a toilet plumber cost”?, and “Can my toilet be fixed or does it need to be replaced”?.

Clogged Toilet, Repair And Replacement Services In Ottawa
Best Toilet Repairs Ottawa

Best Toilet Repairs Ottawa

Plumber On The Phone Ottawa provides the best toilet repairs in Ottawa. Our team of qualified and well-trained plumbers has over 30 years of experience in fixing toilet leaks from all causes. Don’t wait to call a plumber for a leaking toilet. Call Plumber on the Phone today. We are cost-effective for replacing a wax ring, fill valves, wax seal, toilet flanges, toilet supply lines, and more. Contact us directly to find out about the replacement parts we have in stock.

Hiring A Plumber In Ottawa

Hiring a plumber in Ottawa has never been so easy. With Plumber on the Phone benefit from speaking directly to a licensed and local plumber. Call a plumber today and receive free estimates. We strive to offer Ottawa residents free same-day service for essential services.

Apart from carrying out toilet repairs, we also offer complete bathroom renovations. So if you need a replacement toilet, we have different models and brands available at affordable prices. We can assist with suggesting different energy-saving toilets to save money on water bills.

Why You Should Trust Plumber On The Phone:

Customer satisfaction with 5 Star Reviews on Google
We are reliable and trusted with over 30 years of plumbing experience
Quality Services
Quality Services
Toilet Repair Ottawa

Toilet Repair Costs

leaking toilet is not something that you can easily ignore because it requires immediate repair. The faster the repair is carried out, the less costly it would be for you. However, the longer you abandon it, the more it can increase your health and financial problems. 

At Plumber On The Phone Ottawa, we strive to fix every leaking toilet at an affordable cost. Due to our extensive experience in the plumbing industry, we always find the fastest yet cheapest solutions to your toilet problems. With us, there is no hourly rate, as there is only a cost per plumbing job performed.

Signs you need a new toilet

Toilets, unfortunately, do not last forever. A dysfunctional toilet should be fixed or replaced right away to avoid water damage, floods, sewer backups, and other household problems. Save your self from further problems by addressing the toilet issues right away. What are some signs that you need a new toilet? Here is the plumber’s advice:

The age of the toilet.

How old is the toilet? Is it still a retro green colour from the 60s or 70s? Your household monthly expenses would benefit from installing a new energy-efficient toilet. An older toilet will use much more water than a new modern toilet. 

Is your toilet moving?

If your toilet is not properly secured to the floor, there’s an issue. Call a plumber today to avoid expensive household damage like subfloor damage, water damage, and other major issues.

Is the toilet cracked?

A cracked toilet is not a good sign. Is the toilet already leaking? Have the toilet diagnosed to see if it’s worth repairing, or if it needs to be replaced.

Customer Satisfaction Gauranteed

Since we believe in our customers’ comfort and convenience, all our services bring satisfaction to the residents of Ottawa every time we complete a job. Get in touch with us now and hire the best plumbers in town to get your leaking toilet repaired at little cost. Save yourself precious time, money, and unwanted stress!

To save you the cost of additional repairs or even a total replacement due to a failed DIY attempt, you should consult a professional plumbing service like Plumber On The Phone Ottawa.

Experianced Plumber Ottawa

Toilet Plumber Cost: Repairs And Installations

If your toilet is not flushing correctly, blocked, or is in desperate need of a replacement, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a plumbing team to get your toilet up and running rapidly, you should contact Plumber On The Phone Ottawa, right now! We provide an extensive range of plumbing solutions, including toilet repairs, toilet installations, and toilet replacements. Our plumbers will provide you with affordable, fast, and reliable services that are second to none!

With a team of experienced and qualified plumbers, Plumber On The Phone Ottawa can deliver a range of toilet solutions to your home or business. 

Our essential toilet services include:

Leaking toilets
Blocked or non-flushing toilets
New toilet installation
Toilet replacement
Cistern problems

We currently supply and install the following toilets, amongst many others:

American Standard Toilets
Other Major Plumbing Brands
Toilet Installation Ottawa

Toilet Installation Ottawa

Basic toilet installations in Ottawa range from $200 to $1000. The key to having your toilet installed affordably, is choosing the right plumbing company. Larger companies will charge more, but not necessarily do a better quality job. Instead, choose a smaller plumbing company with honesty and integrity. Our licensed plumbers are fair, transparent, and honest about all plumbing jobs. Toilet Installations are not DIY tasks, and a master plumber should always be hired to ensure the safety and security of your home and fixture. Receive upfront toilet installation quotes without hidden fees and surprises.

To discuss how we can be of assistance to you and find out more about our prices and discounts, call us today.