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If a toilet keeps running, or if a toilet is leaking it can result in an expensive water bill. It can also be noisy, and inconvenient. Thankfully, you’ve found a local trusted plumber. A plumber can help you get a strong flush, and to reduce your water bill! If your toilet keeps running and you’re not sure why we can help. Do you have a build-up of water at the toilet base? Plumber on the Phone can fix your existing toilet, or help with toilet installations.

Toilet Keeps Running

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Why is your toilet running? After a toilet flushes, water rushes into the tank to fill it. Then, a float shuts off the water once it reaches a certain threshold. But, what if the water just keeps running? The fill tube inside the toilet will need to be checked. A fill tube is a long tube that reaches from the fill valve to the toilet overflow tube. Sometimes, the fill tube slips off and misses the overflow tube. This is one common reason why a toilet will keep running water. Another problem could be a faulty flapper. To avoid a hefty water bill, it’s a good idea to call a plumber. Plumber on the Phone Ottawa is an affordable plumbing service near you. Fill out a contact form, or call us directly today. Enjoy speaking directly with a licensed plumber!

Toilet Leaking

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Is water leaking from underneath your toilet? There are a combination of reasons why. Perhaps there is too much wear and tear on the filler tube assembly cause by hard water. Or, with an aging toilet the toilet flapper might be broken. It’s also possible that the toilet base might need to be better secured. Are the bolts on the base of the toilet lose? After years of wear and tear, maintenance might help address the leaking toilet.

There are a few reasons why water would be leaking. For instance, the entire toilet will need to be removed to stop the toilet from leaking. Do you have the necessary parts and experience to remove your toilet? If not, Plumber on the Phone Ottawa is here to help. Take advantage of free same-day service by calling 343-204-2031 today.

Toilet Installation


After years of wear and tear, some toilets cannot be fixed. For instance, we can try replacing flange reinforcement rings, flappers, extender rings, and other toilet parts. Over time, however, this is not sustainable. Plumber on the Phone is always upfront and honest about quality plumbing. If a toilet cannot be fixed, our professional plumbers will recommend that a new toilet be installed. Toilet installations can be remarkably affordable, and have warranties and guarantees.

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