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Why to Avoid Drano

Many people believe drano to be their solution for their clogged sinks, however it’s far from a good solution. If you have hair clogging your shower drain, or food clogged in your kitchen sink, using drano can result in serious plumbing issues. While you think drano might be cheap fix for a clogged drain, think again!

Plumber on the phone Ottawa and other plumbing professionals warn customers about the damages that drano and chemical unclogging solution do to your plumbing pipes. To bring you professional advice, I have created this blog so your residential plumbing pipes can work flow properly.

What is drano? A chemical house cleaning product that families use to unclog their drains. A toxic mixture of sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium hypochlorate (bleach), sodium nitrate, sodium chloride (salt) and aluminum.

Using drano is not as safe as most people think. The chemical make up of Drano is extremely warm and has the ability to corrode your pipes. If you put drano in a glass, you cant put your finger in it. What makes you think your plastic residential plumbing pipes can withstand the temperature? Drano is dangerous for burning, but is also toxic for your lunges.

In my 30 years of plumbing residential experience, I’ve seen how drano ruins the quality of your plumbing pipes!

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Drano is an okay solution for cooper pipes. The reality is most homes in Ottawa are built with plastic pipes. Continuous use of drano will cause serious damages to your pipes. Instead, families can perform preventative maintenance on their drains. The following tips will save your family money and keep your plumbing pipes working!

  • Shower drain clogs easily with human and dog hair. A few times a year, have your drain cleaned by a plumbing professional. You don’t want to wait until it overflows, leaving you unable to take a bath.
  • To efficiently clean drains, the p-trap needs to be removed. This way the drain can be cleaned thoroughly and the p-trap will not be damaged.
  • Do not use drain chemicals to unclog drains. Chemicals only result in eroding your pipes. An eroded pipe would need to be replaced, thus costing you an unnecessary plumbing bill.
  • Do not use your toilet as a garbage.
  • Do not pour grease down your sink!


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