shower faucet repairs and installations ottawa


The primary purpose of most faucets is to allow the water in your pipes to be used in a controlled manner. If your faucet is constantly dripping water or has hard-to-turn handles, then it’s time you repair it. At Plumber On The Phone Ottawa, we offer a great variety of shower faucet repair services.

Shower Repair Services

Our plumbers are experts in repairing, replacing and installing showers. We can improve and replace shower faucets, leaking drains, and all bathroom renovations. For example, we can convert your bathtub to a modern shower. We can also upgrade your existing bath. Whether a shower faucet leaks from the spout, handle or want to update your bathroom parts, we can handle any bathroom plumbing renovations.

shower faucet repairs and installations ottawa

Direct Plumbing Service

By speaking directly to a plumber about your issue, the plumber will arrive well-stocked with all the necessary plumbing materials. Once the plumber comes, they will start working immediately. All our plumbers are licensed and highly trained experts who have the technical skills and experience to do the job quickly and appropriately. At Plumber On The Phone Ottawa, our master plumbers are readily available to carry out shower faucet repair services, installations, and routine maintenance.

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Shower faucet replacement

Over time, shower faucets fixed in the bathrooms and toilets can become weak due to constant wear and tear. They can also break down if the products are defective. Therefore, regular maintenance should be carried out on these faucets while the faulty ones need to be replaced with the right parts.

Rather than buying spurious parts and trying to fix it yourself, which may cause further damage, it is better to consult experienced professionals. A master plumber will provide you with genuine faucet parts and help you replace them. Plumber On The Phone Ottawa provides these parts for an affordable cost and all brands and models.

Shower Faucet Replacement Costs

Our plumbers will provide the best quality shower faucets to replace the old ones while offering affordable repair rates. The faucets we repair and install are of the best plumbing standard; durable, long-lasting, and guaranteed. Rest assured, our shower faucets will not break easily, and last years, maybe even decades to come. Forget about broken faucets or replacements. 

shower installation and repairs ottawa
shower installation ottawa

leaking shower faucet repairs

Malfunctioning plumbing in the bathroom can disrupt an entire day. Even a slowly dripping shower faucet can have a significant effect on your water bill. If you want to reduce the waste and save money on your water bills, call us today, and our professionals will quickly handle your leaking shower faucet repairs.

Avoid Plumbing Issues

Apart from the annoying waste, leaking faucets may also signify that there are other plumbing issues in your house that need to be fixed. A plumber can correctly diagnose the problem to see where the origin of the leak is. Failure to have a master plumber evaluate the situation can be costly in the long run. In this case, you may require a shower faucet repair, or have major plumbing issues.

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If you have leaking shower faucets, it needs to be addressed urgently to conserve water and avoid extensive water damage. From leaking bathtub faucets, drips, to low water pressure, Plumber On The Phone Ottawa, can help to resolve any of your shower faucet issues. When our experienced plumbers arrive to handle your leaky faucet repair, they will take the time to inspect the area and fix the immediate problem thoroughly. They will also attend to any more significant plumbing issues you may be facing. We are your one-stop-shop for all residential plumbing services.

Shower Installation

Renovating a bathroom is much more affordable than you think. We can remove old showers and replace new ones in no time. Also, we offer tub to shower conversions or vise versa. Depending on the cost of the shower, we provide affordable shower installation services in Ottawa. Have your shower installed by a master plumber for full guarantees and warranties going forward. Have you already purchased a new shower and are looking for a plumber to install it? Contact Plumber on the Phone today for a free shower installation quote.

Shower Liner Installation Costs

Most high-quality houses come with shower liners. When the shower’s acrylic base is not big enough, there is a need for a shower liner. If the shower liner has been removed or has weakened over time, we provide shower liner installation services. Get a proper amount of the shower liner installation costs when contacting Plumber on the Phone. A licensed plumber can give you a personalized quote based on the amount of work required and location in Ottawa. 

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