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Clogged sinks are no fun. They can cause an odour and stop water from flowing through. At Plumber on the Phone unclogging drains is our speciality. Our local plumbers can unclog bathroom sink or unclog kitchen sinks. Do you have a clogged drain? Trust Plumber on the Phone with over 30+ years of experience to unclog any household drain!

Unclog Drain

Pouring grease down your sink may seem harmless, but it can cause a clogged drain. Do you pour grease or oil down your sink? You’re not alone. Have us unclog your drain and teach you preventative tips to avoid clogged drains in the future!


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Here at Plumber on the Phone, we want you to save time and money on your clogged drain. Have you tried DIY techniques to unclog your bathroom sink, but nothing has worked? A plumber may need to take the pipes apart to find the root of the clogged drain. Rest assured that Plumber on the Phone can help!

Benefit from speaking directly with a Plumber near you. Get direct service to unclog your drain quickly and efficiently.


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Do you pour grease down your kitchen sink? Such as bacon grease, or oils? Putting these sticky ingredients down the sink can lead to serious plumbing problems. If you have been pouring grease down your drain for many years, contact a local plumber before the pipe needs to be completely replaced.


Clogged Sink Drain Causes

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What happens when bacon grease warms up? It solidifies. The bacon grease or cooking oil if poured down the drain can clog up your drains, not allowing the water to flow properly. If the pipes are not eventually not cleaned, the grease will take over the pipe completely, caused a clogged sink drain. At that point, there’s no further cleaning required. The entire pipe would need to then be replaced, leaving you with a head ache and unnecessary expense.

To properly clean a kitchen sink drain, or a shower drain, the p-trap needs to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. A vacuum or snake can then be used to ensure proper flow of water in your residential plumbing pipes. A grease clogged sink will need the care and attention of a professional plumber.  Contact a local plumber today. The plumber will unclog the drain, to ensure proper water flow.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Be sure to regularly clean your drains for the best water flow. Keeping your pipes clean is essential for the health of your residential plumbing pipes. Unclogging your pipes in Ottawa can be easier if you do not pour grease down your drain. Regular drain cleaning is needed for functional working drains. Rest assured, our Ottawa plumbing services can help.

DIY Home Drain Cleaning

You can attempt to clean your drain yourself with a combination of baking soda, vinegar and hot water. This can help eliminate odours and clean small drain clogs. However, to ensure that the drain is really cleaned out, it’s best to trust a local plumber. Plumber on the Phone plumbers have 38+ years of plumbing experience. Trust a professional with your household plumbing. Call today and ask about our free same-day service.

Where should i dispose of bacon grease?

Instead of clogging your pipes, keep a jar in your kitchen cabinet specifically for bacon grease and cooking oil. Disregard the grease and oil into the jar to keep your drains healthy, and clog-free!

Clogged Drain Cleaning

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Clogged drains can inconvenience your life, and can cause damage to your Ottawa home. Instead, let a professional plumber unclogged your drain so you can go back to what you do best. Book directly with a plumber by calling us. Be sure to ask about our same-day plumbing service.

Regardless if you have a bathroom clogged drain, or a kitchen clogged drain, Plumber on the Phone Ottawa can help. 

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